Covid-19 Protocols

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Updated: 10/27/21


Thank you for your continued patience with an unprecedented supply shortage, silly state mandates and our attempts to manage the mayhem to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Store occupancy is still limited. People won’t stay apart from each other, we call it the Penguin Theorem. IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE DO NOT BRING SPOUSES, KIDS, PETS OR SUPPORT FRIENDS.    Occupancy is based on the number of staff members on the sales floor available to safely assist you, while maintain our security concerns and high standards for your in store experience.

Clients will be requested to wash their hands as they enter the store.  Its simply a request, not a demand.  We found that it keeps the firearms and products much cleaner.  If you object, that’s ok, It’s still like a little slice of America around these parts.  No need to yell at staff members or storm off.   We’re not afraid of germs, we appreciate quality, clean products and had washing has really helped.

Masks are up to you. We do not know, nor need to know why you are, or are not wearing mask. Its your choice, but if you’re ill or have recently been exposed, please stay home.  Our staff have been asked to wear masks.

Any staff member that has potential exposure, they are sent home, for a paid break until they test negative twice.   We have supplied hotel rooms for staff that must quarantine away from their room mates/spouses, etc.

All firearms purchases, background checks MUST BEGIN before 5:45 PM.  Please do not arrive at closing wanting to spend another hour shopping. Please understand the store CLOSES at 6, plan accordingly, we won’t throw you out but will ask to complete your transaction.

The ammo supply chain is suffering, and we’re doing our best to get as much as we can.  See our daily ammo reports on Facebook and our webpage.

No shopping appointments. Lines have become much shorter, if present at all.   Saturdays are generally busy all day.

We can call you for payment and then use the short pick up line! Email us…we’re doing everything we can, as fast as we can.

We are answering phones and returning calls as best we can. Email rather than leaving a voice message, you’ll get a much faster response time.

If you have a complaint or concern that needs to be addressed, please email  We will do everything we can to resolve the issue quickly.

If you wish to enter the store, use the main line to the left. Firearm & Suppressor that have approvals, pick up only line on the right side of the entry door. For inquires or questions only, denials, or non entry requirements, please use the shorter PICK up line.

We don’t like this either, its expensive and time consuming. We’re doing everything we can to service as many people as possible, safely and professionally.


Fingerprints, photos, trusts, and other Class 3/NFA services are being scheduled tightly.

The self-service builders’ and service bench will remain closed indefinitely.

We are NOT shipping ammo at this time.

All social events and concealed carry classes are postponed.

Please be patient. We are working our collective tails off to assist as many clients as possible, in a professional, courteous, expeditious, and safe manner. Please respect our neighbors and do not park in their marked spots.


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