What is the waiting period in Washington State?


If you have a current WASHINGTON concealed carry permit, you must first be approved by the NICs check.  This generally takes a few minutes. However, we can quickly obtain the following replies from the NICs system:

  • Proceed – Your firearm will be delivered immediately.
  • Deny – The transaction has been terminated by the FBI.  You may appeal the decision directly with the FBI.  (See UPIN, below)
  • Researching – The system is busy and cannot produce results at this time.
  • Delay – These will often clear in 24-48 hours

If you do not have a current WASHINGTON Concealed Carry Permit, your application will be sent to your local law enforcement office for approval.  They have up to 10 business days to return a decision.  After 10 days, we are able to deliver the firearm at OUR discretion.  If we receive no response from the Chief LEO after 10 days, we will runs a NICS check, and with proceed we MAY deliver the firearm in accordance with Washington State Law. Police officers without a CPL are subject to the same waiting period as all other citizens.

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