Getting to trigger control, faster.

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The 7 fundamentals of marksmanship:
1. Stance
2. Grip
3. Sight picture
4. Sight alignment
5. Trigger control
6. Breathing
7. Follow through

You may see these worded differently or even some of them combined, but either way, these have been and always will be the fundamentals. However, the techniques we use to apply some of those fundamentals have changed over the years, particularly stance and grip in order to maximize recoil management, agility, and other elements that promote efficient and effective combat or competitive shooting performance.

How does the draw fit in? Although the draw doesn’t specifically influence the pure marksmanship element since the draw is technically a separate event, a proper, consistent draw will assist the shooter with getting their sights on target faster. This aids in combat marksmanship when getting effective rounds on target quickly is the priority. A consistent draw means that my sights will be in the same place every presentation. This means I spend less time trying to find them, which allows me to obtain an acceptable sight picture faster, which ultimately translates to running the trigger sooner.

Let your sights tell you when to press the trigger, but push them to talk faster.


Mark Brinski


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