About Sporting Sytems

Offering a wide variety of common and specialty firearms for the new and seasoned shooting enthusiast, our shop is tailored specifically to your needs. We welcome visitors of all levels of experience and are happy to help you handle our products or just browse and ask questions!

Serving Vancouver, WA, and providing specialty items to other parts of the Northwest, including Spokane, Seattle, Pendleton, and Boise, we are deeply committed to our local and regional communities and are proud sponsors of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Second Amendment Foundation and Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation.


We believe wholeheartedly in civic and community involvement and are honored to partner with incredible local businesses who have helped us grow, or been a part of our “local” focus, including:

  • Hard Notch Customs
  • Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation
  • Webfor
  • Maple Hills Sportsman Club
  • Washington Civil Rights Association
  • Portland Pin Ups
  • Marina Green Photography
  • Simply Sweets by Jen

We’re taking a stand in your community.

Protecting Rights

Learn how to help your civil rights

We advocate for your right as an American to bear arms. We’ve represented our community across the state of Washington.

We are proud and active partners of Kids S.A.F.E, a national leader in firearm safety education. They offer safety education focused on no-touch accident prevention. They also encourage dialogue between children and adults. Best of all, the firearm safety program is for all kids, not just kids who have firearms in their homes. The goal: zero firearm accidents.


Together, we thrive! Sporting Systems is committed to offering professional and recreational firearms to our local community, promoting best safety practices and offering both first-time and lifetime sporting enthusiasts with the best products available.

If you’re interested in a specific model, or just looking to browse, our shop can accommodate. Contact us today for specialty order or with any questions you may have. We’re here to serve!


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Vancouver Gun Shop Reviews “Hands down the best gun store in town. Dan and Heidi are quality people who genuinely care about there customers. Great selection of guns!”

Heather Janisch
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“I am extremely impressed with the shop as a whole. By far my best gun buying experience ever! Dan, Heidi and staff were very helpful”

Dave Bodin
Northwest Firearms Review

“Stopped by today. I’m impressed! Nice store, good displays, lots of guns, great folks. Not a typical gun store. They got it goin on!”

Fire Mountain Outdoors Review

“best gun shop in the State of Washington!!”

Fire Mountain Outdoors

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