Firearms Transfer Tutorial


OREGON RESIDENTS –  Bowel Movement 114 update.  Caution before placing online orders/transfers.   We are required, under federal law, to follow the laws of your state of residence.   We cannot deliver handguns, frames, receivers or semi auto rifles to you directly, but have to transfer them to an Oregon FFL for the background check and delivery.   We can deliver, after a Federal NICS check, a lever, bolt, or slide action rifle or shotgun until BM 114 goes into effect, at that time, deliveries will be halted, by law.  You will be responsible for our transfer fee, sales tax (you’re not exempt if taking delivery in WA), return shipping charges and any other charges from your original seller if we cannot deliver before the law goes into effect.   We fully expect that this law will be stopped by a federal court injunction, but we need to be clear about your responsibilities if you ask us to execute your transfer and it doesn’t go “smoothly”.  We will do everything we can, under the color of law, to help you…just don’t blame us for any inconveniences.   Thank your neighbors, 51% of them don’t care about the Constitution.

WE CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY MAGAZINES GREATER THAN 10 ROUNDS, OR FIREARMS WITH GREATER THAN 10 ROUND INTERNAL MAGAZINE (except tube fed lever action rifles).  Do not send any 10+ round magazines directly to us.   Any 10+ round magazines received will be removed from the firearm before delivery and will not be shipped back, delivered to the buyer and will be considered abandoned property.

This is a quick and simple process, if you read and follow the directions. It works 24/7/365, for the fastest possible customer fulfillment.

Upon completing this form and pressing the “SUBMIT” button, the “Seller’s email” will instantly receive our FFL/SOT in an email. If you do not receive it immediately, CHECK YOUR JUNK OR SPAM mail file, it’s there. This form may be submitted by the “Buyer” or the “Seller,” the confirming email will be sent to the “Seller” email. Many online brokers refuse to submit this form, in which case the “Buyer” must complete with as much information as they have.

Transfer fees, $50 for the first firearm, $40 for each additional. Without a transfer form application, or incomplete form requiring additional research by staff, the transfer fee is $75 per item.   If the firearm requires disassembly to validate make, model serial number, additional service fees may apply, starting at $25.

NFA transfer fee, $125 per item. Fingerprinting and photos not included, but are available in store for an additional charge (valid for 3 years, no recurring charge.).  We are E Filing form 4 submissions.   We will call you and set an appointment for your form submission after receiving the item.

ANY semi-automatic rifle purchases requires I-1639 compliance training.  We offer this class free of charge here: Free 1639 Training. Please complete the class BEFORE you come to the store.

All background checks are started AFTER the firearm is received and processed into our inventory.  Transfer form submission is NOT the background check.  Be prepared for a 2-4 week approval time from law enforcement agency to pick up your firearm, after starting your background check.

Items not claimed within 10 business days are subject to storage fees of $10 per week. Items unclaimed after 30 days will be surrendered to Sporting Systems and sold. Denied transactions will be charged the transfer fee due and the “buyer” has 30 days to arrange for a refund from the “seller” and pay return shipping and handling.  Transfers not started within 30 days for any reason are subject to forfeiture.   Once an item is received by our shop, the transfer fee is due, no exceptions.   We are not accepting semi-automatic rifle transfers from out of state private parties to Washington residents.

Private sellers shipping to us, please include a copy of your Drivers license (in the FFL field) with submission AND include a copy with the item.

Sales taxes are collected on all commercial transactions only, but not private party sales. If this is a private party sale or gift, please provide a private party or gift receipt.

Emailed delivery notifications from shippers ARE NOT PROOF THAT THE ITEM IS READY FOR PICK UP. Once the transfer is received AND processed into our inventory, the buyer will be notified by SPORTING SYSTEMS. Your background check will be started after the item is received and processed into inventory.  This form is NOT your background check.

  • Seller/FFL transferring

  • The name of the FFL or individual shipping the firearm. (Not Sporting Systems or the buyer)
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, gif, doc, tiff, , Max. file size: 300 MB.
    If FFL transaction, load FFL here. If private party transaction, load photo of your license
  • Accepted file types: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, tiff, doc, Max. file size: 300 MB.
    For all commercial sales, the receipt is required
  • Contact information for the individual executing the transfer/sale
  • Buyer's Information

  • Hidden
  • Firearm Description

  • Optional field if other items are being shipped with the firearm.
  • Add any comments important to this transfer
  • Please hit the submit button below to complete this submission.  Our FFL/SOT will be automatically sent to the “Seller” email address.   Check your spam or junk mail folder if the acknowledgment doesn’t arrive within a few moments of submitting.   Thank you for helping make this process as smooth and fast as possible for all parties.
  • We will respond during regular business hours, Tuesday -Saturday 11-6PM
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.