5 Concealed Carry Myths Revealed — and Debunked

Photo of hand of young woman pulling a pistol out of her handbag to illustrate 5 Concealed Carry Myths Revealed — and Debunked

We love to chat with our customers in the store. We also engage quite frequently with people across our social media platforms. And one of the most popular topics of discussion has to do with concealed carry laws. Specifically, what are some concealed carry myths?

In other words, when it comes to firearms purchases and the laws regulating them, what are some widely accepted but inaccurate claims concerning laws and/or permits?

Furthermore, what are some concealed carry myths that have less to do with the law and more to do with personal beliefs about concealing a firearm?

We thought it would be interesting to do a quick review of the topic of concealed carry myths. As you read, if you find you have any questions about this material, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert team at Sporting Systems.

5 Popular Myths About Concealed Carry

  • Smaller guns are better.
  • You need to make major adjustments to your wardrobe.
  • You need a firearm with a manual safety.
  • A permit means I can carry it anywhere.
  • I must have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Smaller guns are better.

While it may be easier to conceal a small firearm, the smaller a gun is, the more difficult it can be to fire accurately. This has to do with several factors, most notably recoil anticipating and flinching. Choose a firearm that is comfortable to shoot and comfortable to conceal.

You need to make major adjustments to your wardrobe.

Some people think you need special equipment in order to go around comfortably carrying a concealed weapon. In reality, “dressing around the gun” can be as simple as untucking your shirt, loosening your belt, or wearing a pair of jeans a size larger than usual. To carry a firearm for personal defense, one doesn’t need to make any special adjustments.

You need a firearm with a manual safety.

Gun owners interested in concealed carry think they need a firearm with a manual safety in order to avoid an accidental discharge. However, some modern weaponry, including semi-auto pistols, has internal passive safeties that prevent the gun from going off without a trigger pull.

A permit means I can carry it anywhere.

This is untrue, and it is perhaps the one myth on our list that gets the most firearm owners in trouble with the law.

First of all, state laws vary on this topic, so make sure to stay informed of local rules and regulations. Just because you have a concealed carry permit in one state does not mean it will be recognized in another.

Second, federal law prohibits the possession of firearms in federal facilities “by all persons not specifically authorized.”

Always be a conscientious and law-abiding citizen when it comes to your firearms and your concealed carry permits.

I must have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Not true — well, mostly not true, anyway. Currently, 23 states have some version of a “constitutional carry” law.

This means that in these states the public may carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

Oregon and Washington are not among them.

However, Washington state does allow an exception for some activities, including hunting, camping, and horseback riding.

Other states may have exceptions for shooting sports and other situations. Always check local laws and regulations regarding permit holders as well as how and when to legally carry guns for a defensive situation.


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