What You Need In a Tactical Gun Belt


Have you recently entered into the world of carrying a concealed firearm? There are a lot of things to take into consideration, but wearing a tactical gun belt is something that is not only helpful, but necessary if you would like to carry your firearm appropriately in public.

What is a tactical gun belt?

A tactical gun belt is a thick, sturdy belt made of either canvas or leather. It’s thicker than your average fashion belt and specifically designed to carry a firearm inside the area of a waistband concealed carry holster. If you’re going to carry a concealed weapon, it needs to be safe, secure, and only accessible by you. Here are some important questions to ask when you’re shopping for a tactical gun belt and holster:

-Does my gun move around in the holster?
-Does the barrel of the gun stay pointed in a safe direction?
-Can you wear the gun belt comfortably while sitting down?
-Can the holster conceal the gun well within the waistline?
-Can you walk comfortably in it?
-Can you access your gun at all times?
-Can you carry your gun in various positions? (e.g. appendix, 10 o’clock, etc.)

Not all tactical gun belts are the same, so you may need to try on several to see which one fits you best and works with your specific needs. Experiment with various holster configurations and see if they will accommodate your shooting style and specific carrying needs.

How much does a tactical gun belt cost?

When you’re shopping for a gun belt, you should expect to pay at least $40, sometimes more, depending on the material. High quality leather belts can cost a couple hundred dollars, especially if they’re made from an exotic animal hide. Just remember that the heavier your gun is, you will need more durability and thickness in your belt. Keep in mind that staying comfortable is also important, and if the belt is too thick or rigid, it may prevent you from wearing it comfortably. If fashion is an important factor for you, there are also belts that come in more classic designs that blend in well for business or social settings, so it doesn’t look like you’re carrying a gun.

Still not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for the right gun belt? Our team of professionals at Sporting Systems can help you find the right belt and holster for your specific use. Stop in today and let us help you find the right product!


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