Shooting Clay Pigeons with a Shotgun: Tips and Tricks

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Have you recently purchased a shotgun and you are excited to get out there to test it out? Clay shooting is a great way to break in your new firearm and gives you the opportunity to work on your shooting accuracy. If you are considering clay shooting, here are some technique tips.

Figure out which eye is dominant.

Not sure what your dominant eye is? Some right-handed people shoot better with their left hand if they have a dominant left eye, and vice versa. 

When you look down the barrel of your shotgun, you will need to know which eye is dominant, as this will help you be more accurate in your shooting. To determine your dominant eye, close your left eye and point your finger at something across the room. If you can see the object at the end of your finger, then you are right eye dominant. 

If the object appears to have moved away from your finger, then close your right eye and open your left, keeping your finger pointed at the same object. If your left eye is dominant, then the object will appear at the end of your finger.

Hold the gun in the proper position and stand correctly.

To best shoot clay pigeons, you will need to make sure you are holding your shotgun the right way. It should be comfortably mounted on your shoulder, with the butt of the gun on the groove of your inside shoulder joint. Having it mounted here will help ensure that the kick back of the gun won’t hurt you when you fire the weapon. Also, make sure that your feet are facing down range with one foot in front of the other. 

The foot that is farthest forward should be the opposite side of the finger pulling the trigger. This stance ensures you are balanced, steady, and ready to fire. When you see the clay pigeon starting to rise, shoot. This will give you the best chance for an accurate shot.

If you really want to up your clay pigeon shooting game, do some research on local instructors that can help train you. This is a great way to practice your skills and help you have more fun when you’re out there. 

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