7 Best Olympic Sport Shooters of All Time

Flag of the United States folded over the Olympic rings to illustrate USA Olympic Shooting Team Earns Six Medals

Shooting is a skill and an art that requires an incredible level of focus, stability and concentration. Very few individuals can brag about having each one of these qualities, which is why finding a single shooter that dominates this sport is so difficult. Here are some of the best:

  1. Lioubov Galkina is one of the best Russian shooters of all time. Born on March 15, 1973, Galkina had a great career in shooting. She began her Olympic journey in 2004, winning a gold and silver medal. The gold medal was won in the three position 50m rifle competition while she achieved the silver in the air rifle 10m event.
  2. Olena Kostevych is hailed as the fourth best female Olympic shooter in the world. Born on April 14, 1985, this Ukranian shooter has been excelling in different shooting competitions around the world since 1997. Kostevych was also one of the world’s top choices to finish in the Rio Olympics for the 10m air pistol competition.
  3. Guo Wenjun is one of the most successful Olympic shooters in the world. She has been a shining role model to the younger shooters of her generation. This Chinese shooter has consistently participated and won over the course of two olympic games. Wenjun won a gold medal in the Chinese Olympic games in 2008 while competing in the 10m air pistol competition. She then defended her gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012.
  4. As the fifth best male Olympic shooter of all time, Morris Fisher was also an exceptional US Navy instructor. In 1920 and 1924, Fisher competed in the Olympic Games.
  5. The fourth best male competitor to ever grace the Olympic Games is Alfred Lane. An American sports shooter, Lane participated in the 1912 and 1920 Olympic Games. Lane went on to receive a bronze medal and two gold medals at the Antwerp Olympics in 1920.
  6. Bulgarian Olympic sports shooter, Maria Grozdeva, participated in the 10m air pistol and the 25 m pistol events. On this list, she is featured as the second best female shooter ever. Winning five Olympic medals, Grozdeva has earned three bronze medals and two gold medals.
  7. Kimberly Rhode is a very popular shooter in today’s Olympic sport shooting world. She is expected to excel at the Rio Olympic games and is hailed as the best female shooter of all time. Rhode specializes in the skeet and double trap shooting events. A five-time winner at the Olympics, Rhode has picked up three gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal.

Do you have an interest in Olympic sport shooting? Spending time at a shooting range or target area, with the proper equipment, is one of the best ways to improve your long-range shooting skills.


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