Four Must-Have Gun Accessories


Gun ownership, like most other sporting hobbies, has a culture all of its own. There’s no shortage of advice for seasoned firearms enthusiasts, and a plethora of accessories for the confident, experienced gun owner.

But when you are new to gun ownership, it can get a little overwhelming. You’ve got your firearm—maybe even a selection—and you’ve acquired protection for your eyes and ears.

So, what comes next?

Here are five must-have accessories for new gun owners; ranging from fun to functional, and everything in-between.

Snap Caps

Snap caps available for all types of guns

A snap cap is something which looks like a bullet, but it has no primer or propellant. These are used for dry fire practice, an important training activity should you choose to compete. They have tons of benefits, including saving money on ammunition, preventing wear on your gun and can help with trigger technique, just to name a few.


A good, solid grip on your gun is essential. As the primary connection between you and the firearm, it’s important to get a fit that you’re comfortable with – one size rarely fits all, especially if your hands skew larger or smaller than average.

Thankfully, custom grips are available. From options like Tactical Dynamics’ Skeleton Grips for your AR to Ergo’s ergonomic polymer grip for J Frame revolvers, finding the right grip for your hand can make a world of difference.

Plus, it’s a fun way to customize the look of your gun, as you can wind up with something that’s uniquely yours.

Magazine Loaders

Less glamorous than some of the others, magazine loaders are an absolute savior for anyone who’s ever tried loading a magazine in the cold. Regardless of the weather, loaders such as Maglula’s x-12 Lula enable painless magazine loading year-round. Trust us, your fingers will thank you.

Bore Lasers

Sounds like something out of science fiction, right? Bore lasers go into an empty chamber and shine through your gun’s bore. This lets you practice your accuracy while dry-firing – they’re totally safe for indoor use, and a godsend when you can’t get to live fire practice.

Gun ownership doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right accessories, you can greatly improve your shooting accuracy and comfortability.

Sporting Systems carries a large catalog for gun owners both new and experienced. Feel free to browse or just stop by our store!


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