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Enhanced Duty Trigger

Let’s be honest. Factory Glock triggers leave a lot to be desired. Lots of take up, and a rough break. A really rough break. When your sight picture is disturbed as the trigger comes to the rear, an improvement is in order. Having used many aftermarket Glock trigger upgrades from minus connectors, spring kits and just polished internals, I was curious to see where the IGFS Duty Trigger landed among the rest. Install is no different than any other Glock trigger and unlike some upgraded components, no filing is required. The first thing you will notice about the new setup is the actual trigger itself. Out with the traditional curved and in with a flat faced trigger with nice serrations that are functional but not too aggressive. As your finger is placed on the trigger it no longer wants to move side to side and is secured where it should be. The trigger safety now sits flush with the rest of the trigger when pressed, which is a much nicer feel than what Glock provides you with.

Initial impression of the trigger when being dry fired was the slack was greatly reduced. Just a small amount of take up and you are at the wall. The break is crisp and smooth eliminating weapon movement while breaking the shot. If you are looking for a super light weight competition style trigger this is not for you and not what the trigger was designed to be. What it gives you is a big improvement over factory feel and performance. The reset is a bit shorter than factory and retains the positive click Glocks are known for. One of the things I like most about this setup is all the factory springs remain in the gun. You can greatly reduce pull weight by changing striker springs, which for competition and range use is just fine and don’t get me wrong make the gun a joy to shoot. With reduced power spring over time you can run into light primer strikes unless you also upgrade to lightweight firing pin. A pistol you carry or one you are going to rely on for defensive purposes should have factory weight springs for reliability. The design of the trigger makes it feel and shoot completely different while retaining the most amount of stock components. When replacing parts not from the original manufacturer, it is important to put them through their paces and make sure they function properly and work reliably. So far, it has functioned flawlessly and been fun to test.

Having run this trigger in both a G19 and G34 for several thousand rounds and multiple training courses I can say that it is a massive improvement and I really like what IGFS is producing for Glock pistols. They make great products and look forward to testing more of their stuff in the future.

Luke Scott

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