How to Safely Store Your Guns


Firearms are powerful and require proper care. When storing guns in your home, there are certain protocols that should be followed to ensure maximum security and protect your loved ones. The following gun safety storage methods can help you keep your firearms safe from tampering and protect members of your household from harm.

Option #1: Trigger Locks
These inexpensive locks (under $15) do one thing: stop your gun from firing. Often, new guns come with a trigger lock of some type, which clamps and locks around the trigger so it cannot be pressed. If you don’t have one of these, you can use a regular household padlock and loop it over the trigger guard to prevent it from firing. While these locks will protect you from accidental firing, they will not deter anyone from stealing the weapon.

Option #2: Gun Cases
There are a lot of different gun case options, including soft-side and hard-side cases, as well as those dedicated to handguns, rifles, or shotguns. The main goal of these cases is to protect your gun from physical damage and help prevent scratches and dents.

Option #3: Strongboxes & Metallic Gun Cases
These types of cases offer portability and the ability to lock. Metal gun cases have strong locking systems or offer the option to attach padlocks. Strongboxes are usually intended to house handguns and often provide mounting systems so you can permanently attach them to a fixed surface. These boxes are often fitted with quick-opening locking devices, including fingerprint scanners or electronic push buttons. They can effectively protect your firearms from theft, damage, and accidental firing.

Option #4: Locking Steel Gun Cabinet
These larger cabinets are a worthwhile investment for individuals with multiple guns to store. A step up from metallic gun cases and strong boxes, steel gun cabinets are an excellent choice for securing multiple weapons. While they can be bolted to the wall or the floor and offer a simple locking functionality, these usually do not protect against gun theft.

Option #5: Gun Safe
Safes are the best and most secure container in which to store guns. Even the most basic units can offer incredible features for keeping your firearms secure. Gun safes have different locking systems and unique finishes, and many are fire resistant.  Because of all of these features, safes vary in price.  


Safely storing your gun is essential. Unsure which storage method is best for you? Call our team at Sporting Systems! We’re more than happy to go over options with you and help you locate the gun system that addresses your specific needs.

Learn more about the basic rules of firearms and safety.


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