How to Choose the Right Ammunition


If you’re new to the firearm world, you may be overwhelmed with the wide variety of ammunition available. Manufacturers produce various loads, each with a different projectile weight and type, velocity, and various other factors. The following information can help you select the best possible ammunition for your weapon and purpose.

Target Practice and Training:
For rifles and handguns that you’re using for target or training practice purposes, you will want to use full metal jacket projectile ammunition. This type of ammunition integrates a soft core enclosed in a harder metal shell. This type is inexpensive to produce, making it affordable. Another benefit of using this type of ammunition is the amount of recoil it offers. For example, if you like spending a lot of time target shooting, you’ll need a light-recoiling load that won’t make your arms, shoulders, and hands tired quickly. It’s best to avoid magnum loads if possible, but instead look for small-bore rimfire cartridges.

Personal Defense:
When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, you’ll need ammunition that will be effective. For handguns and rifles, this means you will need to use ammo that utilizes a hollow point projectile. This type of bullet has a cavity in the tip that is meant to expand once it makes impact with the target, causing more damage than non-expanding bullets.

When you’re out in the wild, you need to have ammunition that is ready to bring down your target quickly and humanely. A lot of hunters rely on slugs, which are usually the best hunting bullets available and can penetrate thick muscle and bone of large game animals.

Regardless of what you’re shooting, your main priority when selecting hunting ammunition is to make sure that the shotgun shell you choose is big enough to ensure a kill with one shot, rather than just wounding your target. Injuring the animal is not only inhumane, but it could also put you, the hunter, at risk.

For new shooters or those who have been using firearms for a long time, it’s important to know what ammunition is right for your specific purpose. If you have questions about a particular gun, do not hesitate to contact our expert and friendly team here at Sporting Systems. We are passionate about firearms of all kinds and committed to promoting proper – and enjoyable – use. Call us!


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