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How To Unjam A Gun Safely and Effectively: Your Expert Guide

a man reloads a gun at a shooting range with targets in the background to illustrate How To Dispose Of Ammunition

Knowing how to unjam a gun is a critical skill every responsible firearm owner should possess.  Whether you own a pistol, rifle, shotgun, or other type of gun, unexpected malfunctions can occur. In this expert guide, we will walk you through the essential steps on how to unjam a gun, while emphasizing key safety considerations…

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Long-Range Rimfire: Tips and Info

shooting ranges

Looking for some tips on successful long-range rimfire shooting? This activity has become increasingly popular, and it’s now a regularly trending topic. Rimfire refers to single-use ammo manufactured using thin brass. With rimfire, the firing pin strikes anywhere on the bottom rim of the cartridge. This causes the priming compound to ignite the propellant, firing…

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Sighting-In A Rifle: What It Is And How It Works

Photo of a precision rifle with a mounted tripod

Understanding sighting-in a rifle can help you get the most out of your shooting experience. In this blog, we’ll discuss the components of sighting-in a rifle and how it works. We’ll also review its effect on accuracy and shooting position. Components of Sighting-in a Rifle  Sighting-in a rifle involves two main components: sighting-in and bore…

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Selecting Ammunition For A Firearm: Important Considerations


What are some critical things to think about when selecting ammunition for a firearm? Choosing the right ammunition for your firearm can seem like a tough task, especially if you are a new gun owner. Many people, including experienced gun owners, are unfamiliar with ammunition and firearms. With all of the choices on the market,…

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Youth Gun Safety: A Smart Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe

Young girl finds gun in closet to illustrate Teaching Kids About Guns and Gun Safety and gun safety course for youth

Gun ownership is one of the greatest freedoms the United States guarantees its citizens. However, it’s up to each citizen to be a responsible gun owner. This includes understanding how to handle a firearm safely, storing your firearm securely, and transporting your firearm according to local jurisdictions. Being a responsible gun owner goes beyond the…

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