How To Shoot A Handgun Accurately

man shooting a rifle at a shooting range to illustrate What is an NFA weapon

You have a new handgun. Now comes the fun part: learning how to shoot a handgun accurately!

Shooting a pistol can be challenging at first, but learning some key methods and spending time practicing will help you develop into an accurate shooter.

Here are some tips. These are the standards by which all shooters — law enforcement, hobbyists, anyone — should focus when learning how to shoot a handgun.

#1: Know your shooting stance.

Your shooting stance may not seem like a big deal. But it really is. How you stand is the foundation of everything when it comes to shooting a gun.

If you are wobbly when you stand, then you will likely mess up what is happening at the top of your body. This is especially true when guns have recoil and loud explosions that naturally make your body react. Stand in a stable and comfortable way, allowing you to tilt forward so you can plan for the gun’s recoil.

#2: Get a grip.

You should grip your gun as firmly as you can, but not to the point of making your hand tremble. A solid grip while you shoot helps minimize movement on your non-trigger fingers.

When you are holding a handgun, make sure that your forearm is lined up with the gun to help absorb some of the recoils. And of course, make sure you’re shooting with your dominant hand.

#3: Focus.

It is common for shooters to focus on their target with one eye open and the other one squinted close. But it is actually important that both eyes are kept open. This is a faster way to focus on your front and rear sights and helps minimize eye fatigue.

Figure out which eye is dominant and adjust your sights closer to that dominant eye. This allows you to figure out where to shoot most accurately.

#4: Pull the trigger.

When you are ready to fire, press the trigger slowly. Yanking on it will cause the trigger to jerk, which could lead to a more inaccurate shot. Pressing the trigger slowly with your index finger will give you a better shot.

Most importantly, don’t forget to breathe and take your time. Keep safety your highest priority and remember that practice makes perfect.

Some of the more common reminders for handgun enthusiasts include: learning how to properly hold the gun; keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot; and keeping the gun pointed away from anything you don’t want to shoot.

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