Fun and Beautiful Gun Customizations


Have you been researching to determine which firearm is right for you? There are a lot of different guns on the market and knowing which one is the best choice for your specific use can take some time to figure out.

Once you have made your choice and made your purchase, you can have fun with customizing your gun. Customizing it doesn’t necessarily just mean adding different accessories on it, either.

It goes further than that. Personalizing your new handgun, shotgun, or rifle can also make it more accurate and reliable, and that’s a win for you.

Handgun customization options:

Adding an inexpensive grip to your handgun is a valuable addition. Finding the right grip that fits your hand gives you better control over the gun and can assist with greater shooting accuracy. Another great thing to consider is adding a special hard-coat finish on your handgun. This helps protect it, reducing scuffs, scratches and other wear that happens when you carry or use it frequently. Custom stippling can be added for better grip texture and esthetics.

Rifle customization options:

Upgrading the handguard on your rifle will help keep your hands protected from the heat that happens after firing. It also offers the ability to place a handstop or AFG (angled foregrip), maximizing muzzle stability and speed in target acquisition. Another customization idea is to upgrade your standard sight to something better, like an ACOG scope or holographic sight. This helps with greater shooting precision and accuracy.

Shotgun customization options:

It’s a fact: Shotguns often have a lot of recoil. Adding a recoil pad, or a recoil-reducing stock or pistol grip will help minimize that recoil and make them more enjoyable to shoot. You can also consider adding a breaching barrel with a reinforced or serrated end cap. This not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps stabilize the gun as it fires.

There are a lot of customization options out there for your new firearm. Let our helpful and experienced team of gun enthusiasts at Sporting Systems help you figure out which ones would work best for you. Some customizations are not allowed under Washington’s ever-changing RCW’s, please refer to current State and Federal laws when accessorizing your firearm. Come visit us today!


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