Advanced Rifle

Are you ready for the next level?

It seems that recently I have been asked quite a bit about advanced shooting courses. My experience, however, is that some of those asking have a fundamental misunderstanding of the process and their idea of advanced shooting is different than mine. They are usually looking for that magic “operator course” or they’re more interested in…

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A time to fight.

In almost every mass carnage terrorist attack there is one common denominator that nobody wants to talk about. Nobody talks about it because there is absolutely no advantage for either political party. Nobody talks about it because our reflex is to find an external cause for mass carnage (guns/religion). And nobody talks about it because…

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Getting to trigger control, faster.

FUNDAMENTALS: GETTING TO #5 FASTER The 7 fundamentals of marksmanship: 1. Stance 2. Grip 3. Sight picture 4. Sight alignment 5. Trigger control 6. Breathing 7. Follow through You may see these worded differently or even some of them combined, but either way, these have been and always will be the fundamentals. However, the techniques…

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Tactical Classes Vancouver WA

Shoot Fast, Shoot A Lot and Move

If you’re engaging a target from inside a vehicle, odds are you’re reacting to a close quarter threat and time is not on your side. Understand that bullet trajectory is affected by several variables including glass types, glass angles, and even the performance of what ammo you carry, but again, time is NOT on your…

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AR15 Vancouver WA

Tips to Help Improve Your Long Range Shooting Skills

Tips to Help Improve Your Long Range Shooting Skills   It takes practice and skill to become consistently successful at long-range shooting. Here’s a quick survey of points to keep in mind for improving your abilities. Proper physical positioning Whether standing or lying prone, it’s best to position yourself squarely behind the rifle. If you’re…

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