Tips for a beginner with guns

One man showing another man how to use a hand gun.

Now that you have chosen to buy a new gun, there are some important must-knows that come along with it. There is a lot more to loading the gun and heading out to fire it at the shooting range. Here are several key things to think about when it comes to using your new gun.

#1: How to store it safely.

No matter what your living situation is – for example, with kids or without kids – gun safety and proper gun storage methods are important. There are many safes on the market that allow you to access your gun quickly if needed. If you are wearing the gun, be sure you research what kind of holster will work best to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally discharge or that it is not easily accessible for someone else to grab.

#2: Invest in training.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will be able to teach yourself how to use your new gun. Proper firearm training is the key to avoiding disaster. Learning how to properly fire your gun, how to load it, and then familiarizing yourself with it is key. Find an instructor that has good qualifications, experience with different kinds of guns, and one with some real-world experience.

#3: Get the right gear.

When purchasing your gun, factor in the cost of accessory gear, too. Always wear the right eye and ear protection when you shoot and clean your gun. Earplugs will help protect your hearing and will also minimize flinching which could cause you to miss your target and cause injury to someone around you or even yourself. Eye protection that is impact resistant is also important.

#4: Spend time practicing.

Just like any new sport – practice makes perfect. Head to the shooting range as often as you can to hone your skills. The more often you fire your new gun, the more comfortable you will become holding and using it. The more familiar you are with your gun, the more confident you will be if an emergency arises and you need to use it to protect yourself.

It is exciting to learn more about your new gun but remember that being a safe and responsible gun owner is what really matters. If you are a new gun owner, our team at Sporting Systems is ready to help answer your questions about your gun and what steps you need to stay safe.


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