How To Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight: 5 Ideas

An end table that has hidden compartments for your guns to illustrate how to hide a gun safe in plain sight. Image from

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Let’s think about ways to hide a gun safe in plain sight.

Why? Because although a safe is generally considered to be impenetrable, nothing is more secure than a gun safe that nobody can find. A clever hiding spot adds an additional layer of security above and beyond the layer(s) of security built into the safe itself.

Sporting Systems wants our customers to be as informed as possible regarding guns, gun laws, and gun storage. To that end, we’ve dedicated many of our blog posts to those subjects: firearms, gun control, storing your firearm safely, and storing your ammunition safely, for example.

We’ve also used this blog to go over gun storage laws that impact our customers. We’ve covered both state and federal laws that dictate what a person must do in order to be in compliance with our nation’s laws.

Today, we decided it would be informative and fun to take a new angle on this familiar topic of firearm safety and storage. The angle: How to hide a gun safe in plain sight.

Many if not most gun owners keep their safes in spaces such as a bedroom, garage, or living room. Some gun safes are built like fine pieces of art; some owners like to display them.

But as we said above, hiding a safe adds another layer of protection for you, your family, and the firearms and ammo stored within it.

An end table that has hidden compartments for your guns to illustrate how to hide a gun safe in plain sight. Image from
Image from


First, the basics. We know that a gun safe is an excellent place to store firearms so that they are safely secured and less likely to be stolen, accessed by children, or otherwise fall into the wrong hands.

And, as we’ve written about, we also know that firearms and ammunition should be stored separately. Unload your firearms prior to keeping them in a locked gun safe. Secure them with a locking device, such as a trigger lock. Your storage space(s) should have separate safes for your firearms and your ammunition.

So those are the basics. Your gun(s) and your ammunition should be safely, properly, and separately stored away in safes that are only accessible to you and those you designate. Gun safes should be durable and sturdy, providing protection and security even in the event of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, wildfires, etc.).

But a gun safe should also be in a place that’s accessible to you when you need it most. One of the best ways to make this happen is to hide your gun safe in plain sight.

So how does one go about doing that?

It’s a cliche, for sure — hidden in plain sight. But the key word here is hidden.

Hiding A Gun Safe

The truth of the matter is that plain sight will vary from one home to the next and one gun owner to the next. There are as many ways to hide something in plain sight as one’s creativity permits.

Just keep in mind that, regardless of where one hides a gun safe, it should be both secure and accessible. Make sure that wherever you keep your safe that you are able to get to it when you need to and that its hiding place doesn’t restrict its function. (In other words, make sure it’s easily accessible and you can still open the thing!)

Other than that, the hiding places are all around you! Consider these types of hiding places for gun safes. But also keep in mind that others are reading this blog as well, so be sure to customize your hiding places based on your own home so it truly is a secret.

Here are some ways to conceal a gun safe in plain sight.

Closets (just not the primary bedroom closet)
The primary (or master) bedroom closet is often the first place a burglar will look. Consider placing your gun safe in a different closet in another room — perhaps a guest room or office. As a storage area and a place for hidden gun safes, it has many advantages. You can hide your firearm and keep your important documents secure.

Safe cloaks provide a simple solution to keeping your safe, well, safe! They’re slipped on over your safe; at a glance, they look like another piece of furniture. They can be especially effective for large locker-type storage pieces in which you might hide your gun safe.

Size Considerations
Many manufacturers produce gun safes that are small and easy to conceal under a coffee table or between two pieces of furniture. (For example, between the sofa and an end table.) Some safes are designed to be mounted to the side of furniture or the wall.

Furthermore, small wall safes can be hidden behind picture frames, mirrors, posters, and other types of decorations. Just be sure to secure the safe itself; otherwise, a thief could remove the whole safe from your home.

False Fronts
Some gun owners contrive semi-elaborate disguises or hidden compartments for their gun safes. For example, a gun safe may be concealed behind a false air vent or light switch or inside a picture frame box.

Empty cereal boxes and other food packaging items of that sort may provide a place to store your gun safe. Just make sure they’re clean so as not to cause any dirt or liquids to touch your gun safe.

Those are just a few of the ideas we’ve come up with regarding how to keep your gun safe hidden. Gun storage is important for home defense, but it also provides ways to prevent easy access from children.

Hiding guns in plain sight doesn’t require any special knowledge of hidden gun storage tricks or secret compartments or tactical walls. It just requires a little thought and a creatively hidden safe.

We hope you can use these tips as a launching-off point for your own creative solutions to keeping your safe, firearms, ammunition, and family secure when your gun is locked away.

In the meantime, let Sporting Systems know if you have any questions about this or any other gun-related topic. We look forward to hearing from you.


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